Wedding | Rachel & John

I can not describe in words how wonderful this couple is, especially after witnessing their beautiful wedding day and feeling all of the love from their besties and families!! As a mother myself, I just love the beginning part of the wedding day. I feel that is the couples’ special, intimate time with their parents and siblings and of course, their bride tribe! Even though the bridal party stays with you most of the day, sometimes the family does not. I just love capturing mom’s get their daughters ready and their father’s reaction when they see their daughter ready to walk down the aisle. Patrick and I have a son, so in the past 3 years that he has been alive, we have seen how important the mother of the groom is and should be on the wedding, as well. Sometimes I think about Quinten and his future wedding day and I try to imagine what would make me cry and make me so happy to have printed on my walls and want that for all of my couples and their parents. This one is to all of the wonderful parents! Cheers!

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