K+G Wedding-WG-18K+G Wedding-1K+G Wedding-2K+G Wedding-WG-25K+G Wedding-WG-26K+G Wedding-WG-24K+G Wedding-WG-40K+G Wedding-WG-29K+G Wedding-WG-271K+G Wedding-WG-604K+G-WG-1K+G-2K+G Wedding-WG-147K+G Wedding-WG-200K+G Wedding-WG-215K+G Wedding-WG-243K+G Wedding-WG-236K+G Wedding-WG-274K+G Wedding-WG-257K+G Wedding-WG-260K+G Wedding-WG-227

Kimberly goes down as one of the sweetest brides ever to grace my website! Kimberly is a kind and bright school teacher and Greg is a boat captain with a wonderful son who totally resembles Jake Gyllenhaal and was nicknamed so on their wedding night, so it was only fitting to have a florida beach wedding right in the town Greg grew up in. I actually grew up in St. Pete, too and went to the same high school as Greg, small world. It was so awesome to see how some class mates have grown up into amazing and talented human beings, go Bogie!

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Kristi and Weston’s wedding at the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral and Safety Harbor Resort and Spa was such a fun and classy wedding! These two love birds knew each other in high school, but Weston went off to Harvard University and Kristi ventured out to get a degree at FSU, some years later here we were celebrating their beautiful wedding with their sweet loving family and solid group of friends. Kristi’s Mikaella gown had that classic, elegance feel going on and her flowers from Leaf it to us,  from a great florist in Dunedin, wow! We also had the pleasure of working with Sunshine City Films and if your in the search of a great videographer, they are amazing!! I hope these two had a wonderful time on their honeymoon in Maui, which was the same honeymoon destination for Patrick and myself!

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Dominic Newborn-WG-154Dominic Newborn-WG-63Dominic Newborn-WG-8Dominic Newborn-WG-115Dominic Newborn-WG-22Dominic Newborn-WG-155Dominic Newborn-WG-103Dominic Newborn-WG-119Dominic Newborn-WG-156Dominic Newborn-WG-107Dominic Newborn-WG-157Dominic Newborn-WG-112Dominic Newborn-WG-73Dominic Newborn-WG-123

Michelle and Rob are just the coolest, fun-loving couple! Their sons Luca and Dominic are so lucky to have them as parents! This mama of two is such a strong and beautiful woman, I really admire that about her. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing her maternity session and Dominic’s newborn session recently and I can not wait to see more chapters of their lives. My job is filled with capturing love stories and the more I photograph, the more I fall in love with what I do. Love with all of your heart…

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Owen Williams Newborn-WG-126Owen Williams Newborn-WG-1Owen Williams Newborn-WG-64Owen Williams Newborn-WG-128Owen Williams Newborn-WG-52Owen Williams Newborn-WG-127Owen Williams Newborn-WG-104Owen Williams Newborn-WG-5Owen Williams Newborn-WG-129Owen Williams Newborn-WG-101

I love photographing newborn sessions in my studio, but I am falling in love with capturing families in their environment lately. So many parents spend a small fortune in decorating a nursery and there is something so sweet and ethereal about taking portraits of a new bond between mom, dad and a newborn all in the comfort of their home. The place where they will read to, feed, bathe and love that sweet baby.

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M+M Wedding-454M+M Wedding-15M+M Wedding-27M+M Wedding-19M+M Wedding-44M+M Wedding-9M+M Wedding-456M+M Wedding-268M+M Wedding-455M+M Wedding-118M+M Wedding-113M+M Wedding-457M+M Wedding-320M+M Wedding-317M+M Wedding-280M+M Wedding-458M+M Wedding-334

These two had such a beautiful wedding full of old and new friends and family! I even ran into an old schoolmate of mine from high school. Mecala is the sweetest bride ever and she truly made my day when she said I was her favorite part of her wedding day!! Here are a few of my favorites from this day.

Vendor Credits:

Photographer | Jen House Photography

Venue | Clearwater Beach Marriott Sand Key Suites

Floral Design | Hassell florist

Ceremony Venue and Design | Beach Ceremonies By Jules

DJ | Island Sound Live

Wedding Planner | Alexis with Events by Special Moments

Reception Lighting and Decor | Gabro Events and Signature Events

Wedding Gown | Janene’s Bridal

Wedding Cake | Chantilly Cakes

Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal

Groomsmen and Groom attire | Anatolys

Invitation Suite | Wedding Paper Divas

Catering | Marriott

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Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-1Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-11Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-17Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-2Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-54Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-6Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-7Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-43Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-3Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-47Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-50Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-4Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-98Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-99Caitlyn+Mike Engagement Session-WG-5

I thoroughly enjoyed walking around Sunken Gardens with these two love birds! They both love being outdoors either running or strolling around together. Since Mike proposed at Bok Towers the Sunken Gardens was the perfect backdrop to their session. Caitlyn is a wonderful photographer, as well, with the most upbeat and sweetest personality. I love how you  can really see how much Mike adores her in these images and it makes my heart super happy to have been chosen to capture it all. I can not wait to photograph them again for their wedding!!

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What a beautiful day this was for a wedding! From the moment I met Kelli and Joe I knew that their wedding would be a wonderful celebration of love and laughter. These two have a great bond and their family and friends just highlight that immensely. The Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast grounds are stunning, from the Spanish moss outside overlooking the water to the old world vintage charm inside.

Thank you to the sweet bride and groom for having me capture your incredible day, cheers!

Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-1Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-52Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-11Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-13Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-3Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-40Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-4Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-37Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-39Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-38Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-16Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-9Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-10Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-59Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-18Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-17Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-6Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-57Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-60Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-61Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-2Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-20Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-21Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-22Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-23Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-62Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-24Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-25Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-26Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-27Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-28Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-29Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-30Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-31Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-32Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-63Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-34Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-36Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-5Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-42Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-43Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-44Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-48Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-68Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-7Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-45Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-46Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-47Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-69Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-66Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-49Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-70Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-50Kelli+Joe Wedding-WG-51

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Henry Robert Newborn-WG-5Henry Robert Newborn-WG-41Henry Robert Newborn-WG-9Henry Robert Newborn-WG-51Henry Robert Newborn-WG-12Henry Robert Newborn-WG-29Henry Robert Newborn-WG-20Henry Robert Newborn-WG-30Henry Robert Newborn-WG-32Henry Robert Newborn-WG-35Henry Robert Newborn-WG-42Henry Robert Newborn-WG-56Henry Robert Newborn-WG-61Henry Robert Newborn-WG-65Henry Robert Newborn-WG-69

This lovely family chose to have their newborn session photographed in their home in the beautiful Carrollwood area. I captured a lifestyle session in the baby’s precious white and grey themed nursery. I absolutely adore the way this stunning mother painted her son’s walls to add a bit of depth to the room and the natural light that was pouring in just illuminated everything in sight!

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K + W- WG-36K + W- WG-9K + W- WG-16K + W- WG-23K + W- WG-25K + W- WG-27K + W- WG-22K + W- WG-38K + W- WG-40K + W- WG-47K + W- WG-59K + W- WG-64K + W- WG-60K + W- WG-65

I had such a wonderful time capturing Kristi and Wes!! Their love for each other really shined through in these photos, not to mention, they were super fun and adventurous. Wes proposed to Kristi in Italy, and hearing all about it while we were on our fun, little romantic adventure made my day… I can not wait photograph their wedding in 2017!

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Jessica and Cory just celebrated five beautiful years of marriage and wanted an anniversary session at the Wishing Well Barn. The Wishing Well Barn is a stunning wedding venue located in Plant City and is owned by Cory’s family. This was an amazing backdrop to their photos and had such a wonderful meaning, as well. Their love for each other really made my capturing them super easy. It is so refreshing to see that after 5 years of marriage, they’re still so romantic with each other! If anyone is looking for that one of a kind rustic barn for an upcoming wedding, the Wishing Well Barn has it all! Even the getting ready areas are unbeatable and a photographer’s dream! What else you ask, you can even have me as your wedding photographer!:)

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Kristan Maternity- WG-55Kristan Maternity- WG-86Kristan Maternity- WG-64Kristan Maternity- WG-87Kristan Maternity- WG-68Kristan Maternity- WG-88Kristan Maternity- WG-25Kristan Maternity- WG-89Kristan Maternity- WG-71Kristan Maternity- WG-90Kristan Maternity- WG-83Kristan Maternity- WG-53Kristan Maternity- WG-91Kristan Maternity- WG-42Kristan Maternity- WG-92Kristan Maternity- WG-44

Kristan and Jordan are expecting twins this fall and I can not be happier to have been chosen to photograph all of their upcoming precious moments, including this waterside maternity session. Their nursery has a nautical theme, so a marina was the perfect backdrop for this session. I am so blessed to have such wonderful and nice clients like these two, congrats you two!

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Jenn LInd Boudoir-WG-37Jenn LInd Boudoir-WG-26Jenn LInd Boudoir-WG-102Jenn LInd Boudoir-WG-3Jenn LInd Boudoir-WG-13Jenn LInd Boudoir-WG-27Jenn LInd Boudoir-WG-29Jenn LInd Boudoir-WG-83

I love when my clients are game for creating a timeless and intimate set of memories for their groom to be! This boudoir session made the most beautiful gift and artwork for the groom in the form of one of my signature books and calendars. I even had the pleasure of capturing his reaction as he opened his wedding gifts on his wedding day and lets just say he was speechless!

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Web Gallery-8Web Gallery-19Web Gallery-12Web Gallery-16Web Gallery-42Web Gallery-37Web Gallery-22Web Gallery-18Web Gallery-23Web Gallery-35Web Gallery-32Web Gallery-43Web Gallery-50Web Gallery-33Web Gallery-38Web Gallery-41Web Gallery-46Web Gallery-51Web Gallery-59Web Gallery-54Web Gallery-64Web Gallery-67Alyssa and Austin are getting married next year by the water, so when they wanted to do something other than a beach inspired or coastal engagement, I jumped for joy when they got excited about a garden setting. For one, gardens are so romantic and timeless. Secondly, The colors and outfit choices are endless! I enjoyed capturing these two in love and I can not wait to show you more, to come!

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Web Gallery-7Web Gallery-1Web Gallery-27Web Gallery-3Web Gallery-39Web Gallery-2Web Gallery-18Web Gallery-22Web Gallery-4Web Gallery-28Web Gallery-9Web Gallery-10Web Gallery-5Web Gallery-46Web Gallery-6

I had a wonderful day today… My little family went to Anna Maria Island and toured all of their neat little trails. I was excited to get out and scout out new rustic locals for engagement shoots but also because my son will be 10 weeks tomorrow and hasn’t really been outside much except for trips around the block. For one, it has been devastatingly hot and humid. Secondly, it has been raining non stop. So when the sky finally cleared up and my hubby was free, I jumped on the chance to get our adventure on!! What a day! If you haven’t discovered Anna Maria Island, you must put it on your to do list. There are so many neat spots and the beaches are the best around. I love Florida!!

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These two hearts captured me the minute I photographed their rooftop proposal at the Epicurean Hotel… I was tickled pink to be chosen to photograph their wedding at 9 months pregnant! Their beautiful black and gold glamorous wedding was a hit especially with their very own line of ties and not to mention they already have the same last name! Dawn and Jon I wish you all the best, cheers!

Director of Catering | Melissa Rowjohn

Planner | Kim at The Perfect Settings

Venue | Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club

DJ | Jonathan Cortez

Ties | The Necktie Company

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You can honestly have an outdoor wedding throughout the entire year in Florida! The warm climate makes for beautiful fall and winter weddings that might seem impossible in other states. I had the pleasure of photographing Jenna and Ed’s lovely beach wedding this fall in Treasure Island, Florida. These two are madly in love and have a wonderful family to share that with! Cheers to you two!!


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I never thought I would say this but I want to be a snowbird now that I have visited the magical state of Maine. From the crystal clear lakes that make paddle boarding and kayaking feel like a coastal retreat to the abundant nautical elements that make this state part of New England, one can’t resist the fresh air, lobster rolls and fresh blueberry everything; they’ll even put them in your cocktails! We had the pleasure of staying at my husbands grandparents summer home located on Sebago Lake. My only regret is that we didn’t visit this place sooner. Nothing compares to how time just slows down here. It is important to relax and enjoy the simple things. That is one of the many reasons why I love traveling so much.   Family Vacation-97Family Vacation-2Family Vacation-41Family Vacation-44Family Vacation-74Family Vacation-47Family Vacation-50Family Vacation-56Family Vacation-76Family Vacation-68Family Vacation-80Family Vacation-81Family Vacation-91Family Vacation-93Family Vacation-95Family Vacation-96Family Vacation-98Family Vacation-99Family Vacation-101Family Vacation-103Family Vacation-33

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This sweet couple recently got engaged in Napa Valley at the Chappellet Winery on Pritchard Hill!  I am so thrilled to be chosen to photograph their wedding in Costa Rica next spring.  They wanted to do a beach style engagement session to match the style of their destination wedding, which I thought was perfect. To tie it all together I brought some cheese and wine from the very vineyard that Mike asked Laurie to be his wife! Cheers!Engagement Session-3Engagement Session-2Engagement Session-12postEngagement Session-43post 2Engagement Session-36Engagement Session-10


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This little baby boy has the most loving family, from his wonderful parents to his two beautiful sisters.  Their maternity session that I photographed in the baby nursery is also on the blog, if you want to see more from this stunning couple.  My studio was bursting with sweet little poems written by the girls professing, “Our baby brother is the best in all of the land!”  How adorable is that?Newborn Session-31Newborn Session-8Newborn Session-25Newborn Session-11Newborn Session-1Newborn Session-2Newborn Session-10Newborn Session-7Newborn Session-9Newborn Session-3Newborn Session-6

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This fun and stylish couple did a number on this nursery.  From the neat theme of “Where the Wild Things are” to the cute foxy accessories!  Riley, the ultimate photobomber, was relieved that he was included in a photo, too!  The nursery boasts beautiful lighting from all of the gorgeous windows and doors and timeless exposed brick, that make it a dream to photograph.


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This little cutie made me melt, especially when her thoughtful parents brought family heirlooms to accessorize with.  The adorable teddy bear was her father’s when he was a baby, the pearls were worn at their wedding but had been in the family for years, the pink and teal quilt was made by one of their grandmothers and the veil that the mother wore was a super cute idea to caress her tiny face as she napped on it…

Newborn Session-18Newborn Session-35Newborn Session-15Newborn Session-12Newborn Session-11Newborn Session-41Newborn Session-27Newborn Session-16Newborn Session-6Newborn Session-22Newborn Session-13

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Italy is one country I will never be able to get enough of and I cannot wait to go back.  Our lovely vacation started in Rome and from there we visited San Gimignano, Siena, Volterra, and Florence, my favorite!  It was absolutely breathtaking.  The refreshing and cool weather, the food, the headache free wine, the culture; everything had a profound style that was timeless.  Here is the trip in a nut shell…


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