About me page 2016I am a wife, a mother and a fine art wedding and portraiture photographer based in Tampa, Florida. I first started photographing when digital wasn’t around and I shot my first wedding when I was 22, but I treated it as a hobby until my early 30’s. That is when I said goodbye to my fears, doubts and went full throttle into creating a brand and business from the ground up. Many nights and weekends were spent staying up until the sun came up learning the in’s and out’s of web design, Photoshop, Lightroom and reading and watching countless books, webinars and tutorials on the craft.

I am thankful that my chosen career path has given me the pleasure of traveling to new places everyday, has privileged me with the opportunity to photograph celebrities and has allowed me to meet the most amazing people that welcome me into their lives to create fine art for them to decorate their homes with and document their stories. I really enjoy my profession and the one of a kind experience that I give, truly highlights that.

I love my whole family more than anything, and I adore hanging out with all of them so much. I have a crazy obsession with jackets, which is hilarious considering I grew up in the hottest state in the country. I’d prefer boots to heels, neutrals to vibrancy and vintage to modern. 

I whole-heartedly enjoy capturing and creating organic moments and true emotion that will last a lifetime. I aim to create lasting relationships with my clients’ that don’t just simply end at the nuptials. I am there for them to capture their many chapters that follow, as well. I have been told by my clients that I make them feel very comfortable in front of the camera and that truly is an honor! I love celebrating love, life and happiness and making art with it. Stop in and say hello, I would love to meet you!